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Gems of Wisdom

“For Succeeding in the 8(a) BD Program- and Beyond”
By Dr. Sharon T. Freeman
Charito Kruvant (Paperback)
AASBEA, October 2007
ISBN 0-9703469-7-9

“It’s all about excellence and EXCEL -in addition to mastering your craft, you must master the art of business management”.
Charito Kruvant (Creative Associates).

“We always viewed ourselves as a Fortune 500 company from day one in the program and we approached everything we did, from preparing our business plan, to marketing agencies as if we were already a Fortune 500 firm”.
Rodney Hunt (RSIS).

“If you want to succeed in the 8(a) BD program and beyond, find your passion and a good accountant”.
Pat Parker (NAMS).

“Be a prism through which light can flow: Don’t get in the way, listen, learn, and match yourself to what is needed”.
Delores Fisk (Mega-Tech).

“Remember that when you provide services you are a servant; be humble and have integrity in all that you do”.
Wayne Gatewood.

“When you are operating alone you have one set of resources, when you join forces with other you have twice as much power: Everyone should have strategic partners because you cannot compete in today’s environment without them”.
Wendel Maddox (Ion Corporation).

“Gain a reputation for whatever helps you win”.
Faye Fields (IRT).

“Doing nothing to win business is not a strategy”.
Carlo Lucero (Sparkle Maintenance).

” When you prepare you business plan picture what success is, keep in mind, and be true to your vision”.
Dr. Faye Coleman (Westover Consultants).