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Exporting, Importing and E-Commerce 2001

by Dr. Sharon T. Freeman (Paperback)
A three-in-one comprehensive desk reference set of detailed information about “how to” export, import and engage in global e-commerce.
AASBEA, March 2001

Chapter 1: EXPORTING

Part One – Quick overview of Frequently Asked Questions about Exporting

Export Promotion Resources

Ways of Entering the Export Arena

Export Operations

“Hot” Export-Related Issues

Avoiding Common Export Mistakes

Legal Advise From a Trade Lawyer

Chapter 2: IMPORTING

The Entry Process

Import Requirements


Import-Specific Foreign Trade Agreements


Chapter 3: E-COMMERCE

What is E-Commerce?

How does e-commerce facilitate global business?

What is the U.S. Government doing to protect U.S. firms?

How do I obtain information about e-commerce in selected foreign countries?