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Making it in America

“Conversations With Successful Ethiopia American Entrepreneurs”
by Peter Gebre (Paperback)
AASBEA, December 2004
ISBN: 0-9703463-5-2

“…that a man like me, coming all the way from Ethiopia, has not only earned three college degrees, but employs over four hundred people, and owns and operates a multi-million dollar business…only in America, what a country!”
Geta Asfaw, President, Ababa & Company McDonald’s Franchisee.

“…if you get the right information you will have a solid foundation for moving forward and for making decisions. To get the right information, however, you have to ask the right people, and you also have to verify the accuracy of the information you get through cross checking and re search. At the end of the day there is no substitute for doing one’s homework…”
Kahsay Abraha CEO, Wadsworth Liquor & Wine.

“I have been told many times that the parking service business was not for me, even some of my family members thought that I might not be up to the challenge, given that I was a single mother… I understood their concerns, and, in some ways they were right, but I had a passion to carry on, and I am glad that I did… so, what I will tell everyone, especially women, is: Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot do it.”
Amsale Geletu, President & CEO, PMS Parking.

“…It is the desire to create something and to succeed in what they do that motivates people to become entrepreneurs. It is not so much about making money or about one’s profit margin; it is about seizing an opportunity and making something happen…”
Agonafer Shiferaw, President, Rasselas Jazz Club.

“…The key to achieving your goal is hard work, persistence, and discipline. Nothing comes easily: you must persist until the goal is achieved…”
Dr. Teame Embaye, President Nile Chiropractic.

“…If we didn’t persevere during the first few years and difficult times, we wouldn’t be where we are today…”
Adem Araro, President, Stop 4 All Food Mart.