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Gems of Wisdom “The Workshop” DVD V

By Dr. Sharon T. Freeman
Charito Kruvant (Creative Associates)
AASBEA, April 2009

Dear 8(a) Firm:

If you missed the “one-time-only” 8(a) Gems of Wisdom Workshop on April 24, 2009–or if you attended and want your own copy of the DVD that recorded each session– you are in luck.

The 8(a) “Gems of Wisdom Workshop” that was convened by Dr. Sharon Freeman (AASBEA) and Charito Kruvant (Creative Associates) has been called by most
participants – “the best workshop they have ever attended”.

There were no Powerpoint presentations and no fillers; it was a one-time-only opportunity to ask hard questions about the 8(a) program and to receive answers from the program’s administrators and successful participants.


Panel V: OSDBUs & PTAP Impart Gems of Wisdom

  • Energy, Brenda Degraffenreid
  • Department of Justice, Robert Connolly
  • PTAP, Jim Ragan

Panel VI: Perspectives: The Importance of the Mentor and Protégé Program

  • Joe Loddo, SBA
  • Theresa Speake, former DOE OSDBU
  • Sharon Phillips, Homeland Security
  • Tonya Giannoni, DevTech Systems, Mentor

2:00 to 3:00pm – 3:15 to 4:00pm