Gems of Wisdom Consulting, Inc.

About Our Consulting Approach

Gems of Wisdom Consulting, Inc.  (GWCi) is the go-to firm for figuring out “how to.

  • Whether the question is “how to” comply with USG or foreign government regulations; “how to” lower risk or “how to” investigate it, GWCi is the right choice.
  • Whether the question is “how to” export; “how to” understand trade agreements; or “how to” promote small business; or “how to” facilitate the efficiency and effectiveness of management operations, GWCi is the right choice.
  • See our Books section and note the common thread, which is explaining a phenomenon.
  • See our Training and note that it has been applied to many subjects and delivered to many audiences around the world.
  • See our Team and note the breadth and depth of their experience.
  • See What We Do –not just another consulting firm, our differentiator is that we bring practitioner insights (gems of wisdom) that have been deeply mined from experience in many domains, disciplines, and practitioner experience from many fields and from experience in having worked in over 100 countries.

The Vision

With an academic background in Cognition and Operations Research, GWCi Founder, Dr. Sharon T. Freeman, is at the helm in ensuring that the problem and constraints are clearly understood and that the optimal solution is recommended.

This approach is applied in our work in the Compliance area as well as in program areas.

In addition to drawing on our team members, we leverage our extensive network of experts to work with us in performing assignments when additional specialty or country-specific expertise is needed.

If you have a “how to” question, please bring it to us and we will give you an honest assessment of our capability to answer it. We will endeavor to provide the best-value, a quick turn around, and an approach that is both innovative and appropriate to the situation at hand.